Enterprise SSD cloud hosting features

100% Enterprise Intel SSD drives storage – 50 times faster than normal disks

We are using Intel Enterprise drives optimized to be used in a cloud web hosting environment. Those are some of the fastest drives in the world delivering high performance and excellent results for your online applications.

N+1 redundancy on all levels – storage, servers and network

We keep multiple copies of your data on multiple storage devices. If a storage device fails another will take over automatically. In case a hardware failure occurs with your server your web sites will automatically start loading from another server in the cloud.

Automatic self-healing in case of hardware failures

Hardware failures will not lead to long service interruptions and data loss anymore. Our system will automatically move your service to a healthy system in case of failure.

Saves money. Pay for what you use.

Web hosting pre-defined packages are now obsolete. You do not need to pay for resources you do not use. With Scala Hosting SSD Enterprise cloud you can add/remove resources when you need them. They are instantly available with no downtime and you will pay for what you use. This is cloud.

More enterprise SSD cloud hosting features

Monster servers

We use some of the most powerful servers available nowadays. Our servers have 8 CPU’s, 16GB RAM and pure RAID10 SAN storage built with enterprise SSD drives.

cPanel control panel in multiple languages

Our web hosting control panel is available in 30 languages.

Softaculous script installer

Install WordPress, Joomla, forums, galleries and many other scripts easily from cPanel in less than a minute.

Free web site builder

Create your web site quickly with our easy to use web site builder. Hundreds of templates available to choose from.

Unlimited features

Host unlimited domains and e-mail accounts. Create unlimited databases, subdomains, ftp accounts because Scala Hosting enterprise SSD cloud will always have the extra resources you need to run your online business.